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First can you told us anything about your history, band members, jobs, hobbies etc..
Our Biography goes as follows:
Razors in the Night are a tour de force of Boston Punk Rock History.  Comprised of ex-members of Pure Impact, BEWARE! Lesser Evils, and The Acro-Brats, RITN has taken the Boston Scene by storm, sharing the stage with such punk legends as The Business, Regan Youth, The Unseen, Far From Finished and The Casualties.  RITN's sound is somewhat anomalous, fusing Boston Hardcore & Oi! / Streetpunk.  Their live shows never disappoint, featuring front-man Troy Schoeller engaging the audience with the intensity of a well-trained bull.  The Boston Herald described Razors as "the new vanguards of...Boston hardcore."  Razors first release "Carry On!" has been released in the USA, Germany and the Czech Republic, with distribution throughout Belgium. -- RITN's songs range from the thrashy, in-your-face assault, "Hipster Holocaust," to the catchy title track, "Carry On," to the anthemic Oi! ballad, "Skinheads Alright," the record gives you everything you could want and more.  Razors in the Night is true punk rock 'n' roll from the streets of Boston, with a working class background and a polished sound.
As far as Jobs and hobbies:
Todd (Guitar) Professional Dog walker / Full Time Gigolo!
Ian (Guitar) Factory & Union Worker / Drinking & being pissed off!
Randy (Drums) Charters Private Jets / Fred Astaire in training
Troy (Vocals) Mortician / Training
Swid (Bass) Video Game Art & Graphics / Music Equipment

How will you describe your music for people who haven't hear you yet?

Razors in the Night play Athemic, sing-a-long Street Punk / Oi! With hardcore Breakdowns.  We make it a point to have really fun shows, where everybody is on equal ground and we can take pride in coming together for the sake of having a good time and a great show.

What are your musical influences?
For the most part we are influenced by the first wave of British Oi! And Boston Hardcore.  More specifically: Last Resort, BLITZ, 4 Skins, Condemned 84, - From Boston: Blood for Blood, Slapshot, American Nightmare, Dropkick Murphy's, Darkbuster, Death Before Dishonor – to name a few.  
Also heavily influenced by Snapcase, The Haunted & The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, GG Allin & The Jabbers, The Who,  & Motorhead , also Perekle from Sweden and Stomper 98 from Germany.

What about your releases, I know about the Carry On album..have you got anything more?
Yes we have “Carry On!”, being released on 4Subculture Records out of the Czech Republic, we also have a limited split 7” record with our sisters in VAGIANT, and some early demo's that we released on Horror Business Records.  We have a limited edition 10” record (clear vinyl with blood red splatter) coming out on Contra Records out of Germany.  Other than that we have a few songs featuring Patrick Kennedy (Larken Brigade / Sprained Ankles) on Grand Piano, (courtesy of Teenage Heart Records) also featuring Helan and LoWreck from VAGIANT and Dianna Berisha on backups – that we will be releasing later this year.
In the mean time we are immersed in writing for the new record that
we plan to release early next year.

RITN is  from Boston, where there are loads of great bands..which of them are you in contact with? Can you tell us anything about some new breed bands which are good?
That is a very true statement, there are a ton of amazing bands that come out of this city, specifically the Allston “Arts District” of Boston.  The scene here is very tight and we are friends with many bands in our area. Off the top of my head; some of the bands we have had the honor of sharing the stage with locally include: The Unseen, Pinkerton Thugs, Far From Finished, Mouth Sewn Shut, For the Worse, Tommy & the Terrors,  Ashers, and about 100 other great acts.
Some bands to be on the look out for:  VAGIANT, New Alibis, The Revilers, Bloodstained Brindle, Dogfight US, Have Nots, Refuse Resist, Welch Boys, Hammer & the Nails, Pult 45, Rival Mob, Yellow Stiches, Accaro, Hannaford & the Heartstoppers, Kill Conrad, Burning Streets.

What do you think about Dropkick Murphy's?
We're big fans of the early Dropkick Murphys stuff, which really set the pace for contemporary Boston punk in general, as well as being an influence on what we do presently.  I think they do a great job of representing the Boston scene both in terms of raising awareness of Boston bands and spreading the word of what our city is about.

What are your lyrics about and who is responsible for them?
Our lyrics are inspired from events that happen in our life and our views and interpretations of the world in which we live.  The songs have a range that spans from a conversation I have personally had a hundred times about what it means (to me) to be a Skinhead (Skinheads Alright) to a rant on working 60 hours a week and still not having enough money to pay the bills (Insufficient Funds).
Responsibility for the music and lyrics is for the most part split evenly between the members of RITN, for example:  “Did I Stutter” was written by Swid (Bass) about an individual who thinks they are the center of the universe, a person who only cares about themselves, and is too self absorbed to see the effect their actions have on others.  “Get What You Give” was penned by Ian (Lead Guitar) and discusses the give and take of putting time and effort into something / anything, and the return you can get if you just try.  “Hipster Holocaust” was inked by Todd (Guitar) and concerns those who cling onto what ever the newest trend is, people who change their skin like they change their clothes.  Every scene has has these parasites who exist with no values or beliefs, and we are just calling each and every one of them out!  “Carry On!”  was composed by Troy (Vocals), it is his call to arms to everybody who ever questioned their involvement in our lifestyle.  When times are tough, and we ask why do we put all this effort into setting up shows, playing in bands, writing zines, creating art, or just supporting these things; we can look to each other for support and these accomplishments are what is left, we all might die broke & battered – but no one can ever take away a movement, all the fun and the unity, the amazing people, and the positive force of creativity that captures what we do, we will carry on!

Do yo play gigs often and are you planning tour around Europe?

We are constantly playing around the New England area be it in basements or in clubs.  We recently got off a Boston – Ohio tour with our sisters in VAGIANT in support of the US release of “Carry On!”.  We are going to start slowing down for a little while so we can finish writing our new full length record.  We definitely want to tour Europe and will be very excited to do so.

Can you tell us anything about HORROR BUSINESS?
Horror Business is a Boston clothing and record store that caters to the Skinhead, Hardcore Kid, Punk, MOD, Rudeboy, and Rockabilly lifestyles.  It is owned and operated by Troy from RITN and run by a large collective of local musicians and artists from Boston.  Horror Biz. Sells a lot of traditional and new breed gear from local designers & footwear as well as a ton of music & vinyl from local Boston and national bands.  The store hosts record release parties, book signings, HB also sponsors concerts, festivals and underground “Basement” shows.  It pretty much supports the scene in every and any way possible and is in return supported by the scene.

What are RITN's plans for the future?
We are finishing up writing and recording a new full length album, which we will be supported by more touring.  As soon as the opportunity arises we want to tour Europe, and Canada.

Any last words for our readers?

It is our hope that by reading this interview and listening to our recordings that our music and message finds a place in the hearts of those who can relate.  Regardless of your background or what scene you associate with we all have hard times & trials to get through; if our music speaks to you and gives you strength to muscle through one hurdle, one hard time  than we will be happy.  If the words “You can't keep me down on my knees” rings out and you raise a pint with friends for good times, for a great night, - then we have succeeded!
We are hated by many, misunderstood by most, angles with dirty faces, but its whats in your heart that counts!

Their album Carry On! you can buy here:


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